Window tinting film is a thin layer of polyester film that is applied to glass and is measured in microns. The film thickness varies from 38 microns to thicker safety films used on vehicle windows and flat glass. There are a wide variety of colours and shades of window tinting sun control films that are manufactured to safely “GREEN” your building by reducing heat, glare and UV. Please click on the sub menu for a brief description of the various films.

Reflective Window Tinting Film:

Reflective window tinting films are coated in a micro thin transparent layer of metal that has a mirror type finish. The film will reflect light and heat away from the window and are used mainly on residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Reflective window tinting films have very good heat reduction properties, up to 78%, enhance privacy and reduce UV up to 99%. Colour range; Silver Reflective, Bronze Reflective, Blue Reflective and Grey Reflective.

Non Reflective Window Tinting Film:

Non-reflective window tinting films absorb heat and light and range in colour from light (50%) to very dark (5%). Because the film is non-reflective it gives a dark window effect and is used on buildings for heat reduction, privacy and glare reduction. Generally the darker the film the more heat it will reduce. 99% UV reduction.
High Performance Window Tinting Film:

The high performance window tinting film is dyed with a metallic sheen to reduce heat. High performance window tinting film will give better heat reduction than non reflective film without compromising on light transmittance and will not have a mirror effect. Good heat, glare and UV reduction properties. These films are used mainly on residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
Safety ( Anti- Smash n’ Grab) Window Film:

Glass can be strengthened by the application of safety film and is designed to hold glass in place when it is subjected to high impact and reduces the dangers of flying shards of glass. When applied to vehicle windows it will help reduce the risk of smash and grab attack. Safety film can be applied to homes and building windows to improve security. It is manufactured in clear and tinted colours. Tinted film will reduce heat, glare and UV by 99%.
Automotive Window Films:

When automotive window tinting film is applied to vehicle windows it will help reduce glare, heat and UV. The safety film range will strengthen normal glass and help deter smash n’ grab attacks. Safety film is designed to hold glass in place when shattered thus protecting you and your family from flying glass shards and give you more time to react to an attack.